How to use Miracle Chalk

The stencil used in these pictures is from Stensource International, your stencil source at

Step 1
Remove the plastic plug.
Step 2
Carefully pour Miracle Chalk into the Swipe's reservoir.
Step 3
Replace the plastic plug.

Step 4a
Pat the swipe, in its storage container, against the palm of your hand. It will take several pats to get the chalk moving through the swipe.
Step 4b
The Quick Swipe is ready to use when chalk had come through the pad into the storage container. Don't be afraid to do a few more pats.

Step 5
Place the stencil on the fabric. Use one hand to hold the stencil firmly in place and SWIPE the pounce over the stencil.

Step 6
When you have swiped the entire stencil you are ready to sew!

Step 7
Using your iron on its cotton setting, iron off the chalk. Heat is the removing force. Customers have used hairdryers and steamers as alternatives to the iron.
Step 8
A beautiful job with Miracle Chalk and stencils from Stensource International.

Helpful Hints

When testing chalk removal be sure to place a scrap of batting under the test when removing with your iron.

When testing, if the iron is not hot enough, or you do not have batting under the fabric, the chalk may leave a shadow line. If the iron is hot and batting in place and the shadows remain, do not use the chalk on this fabric. The fabric is either not 100% cotton or the chemicals in the finishing process of the fabric are binding with the chalk creating the shadows.

Do not use product with cotton sateen.

Remember to test any and all marking products to avoid disappointments.


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